Smart Contact Lenses as Wearable Ophthalmic Devices for Disease Monitoring and Health Management
The eye contains a complex network of physiological information and biomarkers for monitoring disease and managing health, and ocular devices can be used to effectively perform point-of-care diagnosis and disease managem...
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In situ diagnosis and simultaneous treatment of cardiac diseases using a single-device platform
The in situ diagnosis of cardiac activities with simultaneous therapeutic electrical stimulation of the heart is key to preventing cardiac arrhythmia. Here, we present an unconventional single-device platform that enable...
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A soft and transparent contact lens for the wireless quantitative monitoring of intraocular pressure
Continuous detection of raised intraocular pressure (IOP) could benefit the monitoring of patients with glaucoma. Current contact lenses with embedded sensors for measuring IOP are rigid, bulky, partially block vision or...
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Smart contact lens and transparent heat patch for remote monitoring and therapy of chronic ocular surface inflammation using mobiles
Wearable electronic devices that can monitor physiological signals of the human body to provide biomedical information have been drawing extensive interests for sustainable personal health management. Here, we report a h...
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Smart, soft contact lens for wireless immunosensing of cortisol
Despite various approaches to immunoassay and chromatography for monitoring cortisol concentrations, conventional methods require bulky external equipment, which limits their use as mobile health care systems. Here, we d...
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Printing of wirelessly rechargeable solid-state supercapacitors for soft, smart contact lenses with continuous operations
Recent advances in smart contact lenses are essential to the realization of medical applications and vision imaging for augmented reality through wireless communication systems. However, previous research on smart contac...
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High-resolution, reconfigurable printing of liquid metals with three-dimensional structures
We report an unconventional approach for high-resolution, reconfigurable 3D printing using liquid metals for stretchable, 3D integrations. A minimum line width of 1.9 μm can be reliably formed using direct printing, an...
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Transparent and Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Array with Multiplexed Detection of Tactile Pressure and Skin Temperature
We developed a transparent and flexible, capacitive fingerprint sensor array with multiplexed, simultaneous detection of tactile pressure and finger skin temperature for mobile smart devices. In our approach, networks of...
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Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless circuits, glucose sensors, and displays
Recent advances in wearable electronics combined with wireless communications are essential to the realization of medical applications through health monitoring technologies. For example, a smart contact lens, which is c...
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Wearable smart sensor systems integrated on soft contact lenses for wireless ocular diagnostics
Wearable contact lenses which can monitor physiological parameters have attracted substantial interests due to the capability of direct detection of biomarkers contained in body fluids. However, previously reported conta...
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IBS News Center : Bioelectronics, the medicine of the future is enabled by nanomaterials

IBS(기초과학연구원) News Center 'IBS People' 에 2020년 9월 1일 소개된 'Bioelectronics'에 관한 인터뷰 영상입니다.


  • 인공 망막 논문, Nature Nanotechnology 게재확정.
    인공 망막 논문, Nature Nanotechnology 게재확정.
    인공 시각 구현을 위한 소프트 액체 금속 인공 망막 논문이 Nature Nanotechnology에 Accept되었습니다.축하합니다!
  • 원기가 미국에서 개최된 '2023 Materials Research Society (MRS 2023) Fall Meeting'에서 구두발표를 하였습니다.
    원기가 미국에서 개최된 '2023 Materials Research Society (MRS 2023) Fall Meeting'에서 구두발표를 하였습니다.
    학회명 : 2023 Materials Research Society (MRS 2023) Fall Meeting학회 Program : SB07.11 Smart Bioelectronics for Electrophysiological Recordings개최국 : USA개최도시 : Boston, Massachusetts발표제목 : Artificial Retina with Three-Dimensional Microelectrodes of Liquid Metals for Vision Restoration발표날짜 : 23.11.29f23-abstract-book.pdf (
  •

Research (연구)

Our laboratory focuses on fabrications of wireless, wearable opto-electronic devices as free-form electronics with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, including transparent, foldable, stretchable, 4D-printable, or self-healable properties of devices. We seek to exploit Human-centered ICT Convergence, by studying interesting properties of nanomaterials, and developing novel methods for fabrication of wearable devices with unconventional geometries (i.e. transparent, foldable, stretchable, 4D-printable, or self-healable structures) using diverse nanomaterials.

Our goal is to explore new science and technology by combining electronics with human life and environment, and to transfer our knowledge to industries. This work is highly multidisciplinary, involving studies in materials science and engineering, electronics, chemistry, biology, device physics, and 3D nanofabrications.

우리 연구실은 형태를 자유롭게 변형할 수 있는, 사물인터넷 기반의 웨어러블 전자 디바이스 제작 연구를 진행합니다. 투명하면서 접거나 잡아당길 수 있고, 4차원 프린팅 가능하며, 자가치유 특성을 지니는 전자 디바이스 및 디스플레이 구현이 그 예입니다. 다양한 나노재료들을 개발하여, 인간중심의 ICT 융합 연구를 추구합니다.

또한 이들 분야에 대한 다양한 연구 결과들을 실제 산업에 적용하는 것을 목표로 합니다. 우리 연구실에서는 재료공학, 화학, 물리, 나노소자 제조 공정 및 전자공학, 생물학 등등의 여러 학문분야에 걸친 종합적인 접근을 기반으로 연구를 수행합니다.

Our current research includes the following topics (현재 진행중인 연구분야):
  1. 1) Synthesis of novel nanomaterials (나노 신소재)
  2. 2) Transparent, foldable, stretchable, or self-healable electronics and displays
    (투명, 신축성, 자가치유 디바이스/디스플레이)
  3. 3) 4D printing and IoT technology (4D 프린팅 및 사물인터넷)
  4. 4) Wireless biosensors and implantable medical devices (무선 바이오센서/메디컬 디바이스)

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